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Support Dror Israel:
Build a Just and Equal Israel


About US Friends of Dror Israel

Who are we

US Friends of Dror Israel is the American philanthropic partner of Dror Israel, an organization whose mission is to effect meaningful, longterm educational and social change in Israeli society in order to promote solidarity, social activism, democracy and equality. Through schools for youth at risk, Jewish-Arab programs, the youth movement, educational workshops, intentional community projects, and national social justice initiatives, Dror Israel builds a just and equal Israel through education and empowerment.

Our mission

To support Dror Israel's work by raising awareness and cultivating a network of supporters in the United States. We collaborate with Dror Israel, providing support for program development and facilitating opportunities for our supporters to witness the organization's work firsthand.

Join us in supporting transformative education and initiatives that shape a brighter future for Israel.

Dror Israel by the numbers


16 Educators Communities

150,000+ yearly participants of all ages and backgrounds

8 Vocational Schools for At-Risk Youth

650 branches of Israel's most inclusive youth movement

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